Yin Yoga

As we get older, tendons (connective tissues in modern medicine) get increasingly stiffer and shorter, block the smooth flow of qi and blood, lead to numerous health issues. There is a wise saying in Chinese medicine in “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Medicine Bible” 2500 years ago:   If the bones are straight and tendons are soft, then qi and blood will flow naturally.  Stretch the tendons one inch longer, your life span will increase 10 years. 古正筋柔,气血自流,筋长一寸,寿延十年。

Yin Yoga is a still and passive practice, it’s a perfect exercise to stretch your tendons. Focusing on longer holds, Yin Yoga encourages the connective tissue to release, enhancing the natural range of mobility in the joints, and ultimately help develop greater strength and flexibility across the entire body. Pose sequences are designed to open the body’s meridian system and allow for a continuous flow of Qi. This can be a very meditative class and allows you to find the ease in the effort. We utilize props as needed to support your body in poses to release muscular work and encourage you to get deeper into the connective tissue around the joints.

We carefully designed the class to be 5:00-6:30 pm, close to dusk, when Yin energy is getting stronger (Yin energy starts to rise at noon at peak at midnight). This timeframe also corresponds to the Kidney meridian (one of the main Yin meridians) by the Chinese clock. By doing Yin yoga at this time followed by meditation resonates rhyme of the nature and maximize the benefits, prepare yourself mentally and physically for the week ahead.

This class is suitable for all levels. Beginners are encouraged to attend.  Please bring your own mat and props to class.

We request everyone attending the class in person to be vaccinated for the safety of all. You can also join the class online.