Taoist Fasting Weight Loss

Bigu is a fasting method where grains (wheat, rice, barley, millet, sorghum, etc.) are eliminated from the diet and the person survives on a small amount of highly nutritious superfoods including foraged raw foods, medicinal herbs and minerals. It is believed to slow down aging, detoxify the body, clean the digestive system, and balance the body’s energy.

Throughout history, different Daoist masters and lineages have had their own version of bigu fasting. By the early 4th century there were over 100 methods. Many of these diet plans can be found in the Daoist Canon. One Daoist text called the Biographies of The Immortals (列仙传) lists the bigu diet as containing seeds, nuts, resin, sap, bark, and roots. Historically, some also choose to drink talisman water (water mixed with the ashes of burned talismans). Legend has it that at the highest level, a master is able to survive on Qi energy alone.

At present, a large number of individuals in China and other parts of the world continue to practice Bigu with a strong belief that weight loss, health, longevity, and immortality could be achieved through this approach. In fact, people who undergo short-term fasting may gain certain benefits. Furthermore, it has been supported by studies on the effects of caloric restriction on physiological parameters, such as the longevity demonstrated when adhering to a calorically restricted diet, which led to better health and a longer lifespan, when compared with a control group that adhered to a self-regulated diet.

The low-level ‘abstention from food’ in society is for healing and totally different from the Daoist internal alchemy methods of ‘severing from grains’.  The length of time that one fasts depends on one’s strength and what one is capable of. One may fast, for example, for three days, five days, seven days and so on. One should undergo a process of adaptation; from easy to hard, proceeding step by step and gradually elevating. According to different physical conditions, one determines whether to choose complete abstention or half-abstention as the fasting method.
Some people are allowed to eat some fruits, nuts and honey.

our 3 days of bigu fasting supported by our unique protocol, you will limit food intake and lose weight fast without struggle, or experiencing side effects such as headaches, and low energy. This commitment requires daily 40-60 minutes walk, refraining from extraneous workouts and avoiding sexual activity. You’ll lose around 4-6 lbs, with limited bouncing back, gain health benefits, glowing skin, and a younger appearance.


Note: This program is not intended for people with hypoglycemia, dietetics, mental illness,  cancer,  pregnant or breastfeeding,  and over 70 years old.