Acupuncture (a branch of traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM) is a practice 3,500 years older than traditional Western medicine. It is a holistic treatment that restores the balance of body vital energy (“Qi”). According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, “Qi” flow throughout the body and its organs along the pathways called meridians. Pain and illness occur when the flow of “Qi” is blocked and imbalanced.   Physical and emotional trauma, stress, poor diet or accidents, can influence the balance of “Qi”.

Acupuncture, simulates the “acu-points” along the meridian by inserting sterile ultra fine disposable needles base of Yin-Yang and Five element theory, unblocked the obstruction and balance of the life force. The treatments will restore the normal circulation of Qi, providing nourishment to cells, organs, gland, tissues and muscles. This will eliminate pain and restore harmony allowing the body to heal itself. Acupuncture promotes natural healing and strengthens the immune system. It is recognized to be effective in treating the wide variety of medical problems without any side effect


Acupuncture needles are very thin (see the picture below). It is very safe with minimal side-effects.